The bust of Inigo Jones(1575-1652) by John Michael Rysbrack(1694-1770) is my chosen object from Chatsworth house.

Unfortunately I could not upload the poster I have made on my chosen object, so instead I have uploaded the photos that I used.


I love what this bust stands for, what it represents. Architecture is a huge influence on fashion and the modern world and this bust represents some of the most substantial and breathtaking architecture in world, let alone the UK.

I had never heard of Inigo Jones before researching this sculpture which surprises me as he has had such a huge impact on the world. In Inigo Jones: The architect of kings he says

“Inigo Jones (1573-1652) is widely acknowledged to have been England’s most important architect”

Originally, I may have thought that I was simply choosing a sculpture or piece of art but have now uncovered such a huge back story and I am eager to find out more.


Marble; c. 1725


Image: Composition of the works of Inigo Jones

Credit: RIBA Collections


Portrait of Inigo Jones
Credit: RIBA Collections


Westminster Abbey
Inigo Jones
West Front

Other sources used; 

Foyle, J. (Jan 2006) The Architects’ Journal: The architecture of Inigo Jones was the flat-pack of its day

Hart, V. (Sept 2011) Inigo Jones: The architect of kings

James, L-M. (1953) The age of Inigo Jones B.T. Batsford

Online articles;

(Link above) Jury, L. (Jan 2009) The London Palladian; Height of Fashion: The Banqueting House in Whitehall – Built by Inigo Jones between 1619 and 1622. It Now Hosts All Sorts of Events Including, as Seen Here, a Catwalk Show Classical Designs: Spencer House, Overlooking Green Park; a Design for the Villa Capra, Aka la Rotonda, in Vicenza; and Chiswick House, Which Belonged to Foremost Collector of Palladio Drawings, Lord Burlington The Evening Standard

(Link above) Ned, D. (August 2003) Puritan with a Decadent Streak; Critic’s Choice The Daily Mail


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