Two of the many books that I looked at were CARLIN Lingerie S/S17 (images shown above) and Nelly Rodi Lingerie S/S17 (images below). These companies find the origin of a trend through looking at many aspects that are increasing/decreasing in social worth across the world, this includes architecture, interior design, food, tourism, etc. They also look at trends in the past and try and evaluate how long it took for those to come back into fashion and what changed about them when they did come back into fashion etc.

These companies then put together mood boards including design work, swatches, photography etc and publish it into two books per year, one being A/W and the other S/S. They explain thoroughly throughout the book about what has influenced the trends that they are predicting and how, teaching the reader what they should be looking to incorporate into their designs.


In my opinion, I think this desert/jungle/rainforest trend is coming from a rise in power and social worth from the Arabic communities such as Dubai. When you look back even 5 years, there has been a HUGE rise in the amount of tourism that happens in Dubai and also a huge rise in people/money coming from those countries into England. I think this has had a massive impact on England and so the trends are mirroring the colours of their countries, considering emeralds and purples are typically very rich/luxurious colours of course.

I also think of these shades as eco-friendly colours and so this may also have an impact on the trends. We are forever trying to invent new ways of conserving our planet and so by using rich, natural fabrics such as silks and cottons and using ‘eco’ colours such as greens, makes people think that they are helping that issue.


I found Fig9. particularly interesting because it showed the progression of how they predict new styles and shapes by looking at styles worn in the past, present and potentially future.

Fig1.-CARLIN Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig2.-CARLIN Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig3.-CARLIN Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig4.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig5.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig6.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig7.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig8.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

Fig9.-Nelly Rodi Lingerie Spring Summer 17 (Book)

NOTE: Referencing could not be carried out in the Harvard style for these books because the relevant information (Author’s name, publish date etc…) was not provided.

Other sources used;

Eundeok, K. and Fiore, A M. (May 2013) Fashion Trends: Analysis and Forecasting Bloomsbury Publishing

Online article/blog post; 


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