Here I focus on the global journey of an item in my wardrobe, I have chosen to focus on a bikini by KIINI, a company from New York.

 All the bikinis are crafted using a mixture of crochet, weaving and Neoprene and are completely original and innovative. They are all made to fit snug against the body in order to eliminate clasps, buttons or ties.

It is the bikini that was designed with the need for the perfect shape and material that embodies the bohemian vibe yet still modern and chic. It was also born from the admiration to craftsmanship, love for color and respect to artisans.


The bikini is made from;

Fabric: 75% Polyester 25% Spandex

Yarn: 100% Cotton


KIINI states that all their products are handmade, so at first I assumed that they were handmade in New York. After looking at several of KIINI’s stockists, many of them say that the bikinis are made in China and differ on the fibre contents which makes me think that the global journey of this bikini isn’t so straight forward.

When looking at one of their major stockists Barney’s, which is based in New York, it states that the bikini’s are imported, which would, again, suggest that the bikini’s are made in China. I have emailed KIINI and the response that I got when I asked about the construction of the bikini’s they said…

Hi Maddy,

Each of our KIINIs are hand made in the homes of women who are crochet specialists in Asia.

Whether I believe that or not is another story…

So as it stands my bikini is made somewhere in Asia, is transported to New York and is sent out to around America and the rest of the world. So far there is only one stockist in the UK and so many people choose to order them online.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 22.11.32


Fig1.- My own photography. Bikini by- KIINI

Featured image-


Other Sources used;



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